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And here it is how our story began!

It was winter 2017 me and Enzo decided to bring a puppy to our home.

Both of us agreed with having a cute french bulldog. We got in live with their characters, their attitudes and their sweetness!

So we were organising everything as best as possible to welcome this puppy home.

We decided to have a puppy boy and his name would be Bomber!

So he already had a name before coming home.

I hopefully find a job that my boss let me take him with me to the office and there we went to take this puppy home officially!

OMG! He was more lovely than I was imagining!

Soon he became the joy and happiness of our lives!

At the beginning he wasn’t Bomber, he was Bomberino (little Bomber)! So we started calling him Bomberino.

Talking about the solution of cooling vests for hot days

He was so energetic and lively, when we were going to park for an afternoon jogging together he always came with us.

In summer we went to mountains for couple of times under direct sunlight and also went to beach in south Italy, so we took him with us.

The direct sun bothered him but he cooled down fast in the shadows, drinking lots of water. He had only 8-9 months in that summer.

This spring when it started to get warm, it was completely different. He could not even walk as lively as before , so no more runnings together.

We were planning to go to Sardegna for a couple of days and we were wondering how he would feel there being always under the direct sunlight, while he cannot just support the warmth of spring in Milan.

Visiting his veterinarian the best choice was operating his soft palate.

After a while he became much more better but still under direct sunlight he soon became hot and could not cool down easily.

One day at work we were testing some cooling fabrics with a new patented technology for making cooling eye mask for travellers. There the idea came to my mind what if I use this technology for Bomber as a cooling t-shirt?!

There I went starting to make prototypes and doing researches and finding suppliers.

As soon as the first prototype came out we tested it, made it wet and put it on Bomber going out to the park walking and playing under the sunlight!

Eureka! This is it! This is what Bomber and all others like Bomber need it!

We went out hanging out in Milan with the t-shirt. Everyone was looking at Bomber saying how cute he is. I really appreciate that he brings smile to many faces!

Making it short, he passed the whole hot days of 2018 with his cooling t-shirt! Again we could go to the beach, doing long walks in the parks and mountains!

While I was encountering a lot of photos and comments about their French bulldogs that they suffer in heat; I wondered why shouldn’t I let every Frenchie owner know about this cooling t-shirt?